Rambam Hospital

Rambam Hospital

Bat Galim Hotel is the closest accommodation next to Rambam Academic Hospital

Rambam Health Care Campus, established in 1938, is a 1000-bed world-class teaching hospital. The patient population is diverse, as Rambam is the major tertiary medical center for all of Northern Israel, including12 district hospitals and defense and peacekeeping forces stationed in the region. Serving more than two million residents and others referred from all over Israel, the Mediterranean region, and around the world.

Israel and her peoples have an ancient heritage. The Rambam campus honors that heritage in being named after Rabbi Moses Ben-Maimon, called Maimonides, or the “Rambam” in Hebrew, an acronym for his name. Maimonides was a preeminent medieval Jewish rabbi, physician, and philosopher; and one of the greatest Torah scholars of the Middle Ages (1135–1204). He was among the first in Western society to propose that the health of the body and soul should be combined.

Rambam Health Care Campus https://www.rambam.org.il/en/about_rambam/more_than_a_hospital/

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