Cable car

Cable car

The Haifa Cable Cars will take you between the Bat Galim promenade and the top of the Carmel ridge. While travelling on it you will see the beautiful view across the bay, as you will be making your way along the tip of Haifa that juts out into the Mediterranean.

From many areas in Haifa, the trio of orange spheres that make up the cable cars going up and down the mountain can be clearly seen. At the bottom of the cable cars there is a variety of interesting sites, including the Clandestine Immigration & Navy Museum, whose ships and submarines are easy to spot from the cars. The cars are also a short distance from Elijah’s Cave, where the prophet is said to have taken shelter. At the top of the ride, in the Carmel area, you can find a monastery called Stella Maris, latin for “Star of the Sea”. Back in the Crusader era the monks originally inhabited the caves on the side of the mountain (some of the buildings of their time can still be seen at Elijah’s Cave) and were forced to flee until Napoleon ruled Haifa at the end of the 18th century.

The cable cars are a great way to understand the geography of the port city in a way different from walking along the promenade or observing from the Baha’i Gardens, make sure you don’t miss it!

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